Prom Nominees

Who do you think should be Prom King or Queen?

  • First, like/ follow the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages below.




  • Each person can be nominated by using the form below. 

  • You can nominate yourself.

  • You can only nominate one person.

  • Nominees must be vegan or veg-friendly.

  • Tell us why you think this person should be King or Queen (gender need not apply!) and what they have done for the veg community at large.  

  • Provide nominee's email so that he/ she can accept the nomination.

  • Nominee must be attending Veggie Prom West in order to win.

  • Nominations close on June 22nd.

  • Top 4 King and Queen Nominees will be announced on June 23rd.

  • Attendees will vote live at prom for their favorite of the 8 King and Queen hopefuls.